Stand Up! for Women Series

How to Truly Heal – Saundra Kunes


How To Get the Most Out of Life – Janece Hoopes


Changing the Way that We View Motherhood – Stefanie Joseph


Coming Back to Life – Amy Kraync


Three Steps Out of Any Mess – Ashley Nance


The Power of the Words We Use – Amy Kraync

Curriculum Reviews

Book Review: If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King Jr.

I found this book to be more factually sound, age-appropriate, and conceptually helpful to my pre-reading troupe than I could have hoped.

In short: I highly recommend this book!

Fair warning: in my review I discuss the books (I feel) age-appropriate treatment of the KKK, which I don’t want to surprise anyone watching this with their children.

Fun Stuff

Reader’s Theater Rehearsal #2 Hot Wheels: Race to Win (Uncut)

If you ever wondered what a Homeschool Dramatic presentation of a book looks like unrehearsed and uncut . . . watch at your own risk.