The Not-So-Tragic Back-Story

When I was a little girl, I wondered whether anyone knew how it felt to have a sibling with invisible challenges. Now that I’ve grown up, earned my degree in Early Childhood / Special Education, and Homeschool my four children, I can see that we ALL have invisible challenges. The magic comes not from being “normal,” but from being supported by a group of people growing together.

Even though I (mostly) enjoyed my public school experience, I knew I wanted to consider homeschooling for my children since before college.

While my education and certification in Early Childhood / Special Education has certainly helped me along my life’s journey, the skills I developed in he teacher Education program hardly made me a more confident Homeschooler.

I had learned how to write an IEP, but I wasn’t prepared to face an autism diagnosis for my own child.

I had taught a 7-year-old with a learning disability how to decode basic words, but I had never taught a gifted reader to conceptualize addition (or time – yikes!).

I had learned how to adapt any lesson plan to meet the special needs of one student, but I didn’t know how to juggle the needs of a baby and two daughters with ASD while teaching another basic phonics.

I had learned how to listen so closely to a friend with cerebral palsy that I could understand his words, but not how to listen so closely to a wordless, earth-rending shriek, that I could feel out what the child who made them struggled to communicate.

Perhaps most importantly, I had learned how to collaborate with a team of professionals to make a plan for one child’s needs, but I was wholly unprepared to navigate the politically-charged, religiously-exclusive, emotionally-volatile, and too-often-polar philosophies of the homeschool community. (Each interaction in those early years is truly worth a blog post all it’s own!)

But now I’ve learned, and while I’m still learning, I hope I can be of some support to you too, wherever you are on your own family journey.

Hi! I’m Ashley Nance, Full-Time Teach-at-home-Mom and Curriculum Counselor, at your service!

Here’s my LinkedIn bio, for those of you who like conducting business-like social media background-checks (totally cool, I do it too).

I see my role here is more as a facilitator than holder-of-the-keys or bequeather-of-knowledge. There are as many right ways to teach as there are educators, and that is the core of the both the beauty and brutal honesty of home-based education.

I just point you to resources and support, then stand back and let you – the wind beneath the wings of those you teach, serve, and care for – fly!


Teach at Home Mom? What if I’m a Dad, Aunt, Grandma…?

Let’s all be honest here. “The Teach Someone Somewhere Person” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

In short, if you are asking, then you’re welcome here. 🙂

So what do you actually do around here?

The intention for this space is to serve as a support community for anyone who takes responsibility for the education of someone in their care. This is true whether they consider themselves to be Home Schoolers, World Schoolers, Home Makers, Single Dads, Work-from-Home-While-Kids-are-at-School-Parents, Special Education Teachers, Wish-We-Were-Actually-Empty-Nesters … you get the idea.

The political divide between parents who choose a public education for their children and those who choose to home school full time is deep, troubling and, I feel, wholly unnecessary.  The philosophy here is that, no matter where you are or who you’re with, teaching and learning are always happening. And the more conscious we all get about what that means, the better life will be for everyone.

Here, if you realize you’re an educator and you’d like to share and learn with others to help you do a better job, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re ready to jump in and want some one-on-one curriculum counseling or consulting, email me at and I can help you set up a curriculum plan personalized to your family’s unique educational needs.

I want to Home School full-time, but I’m scared. How do I know if it’s right for me?

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If you’re ready to jump in and get a call with me, shoot me an email at and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Do you charge for your services?

I have many free videos here on this site, but I do charge for my parent support membership group, individualized curriculum counseling, instructional design classes, speaking engagements, and other services.

Once you email me asking for support, we will coordinate a time for your first 15-minute call with me, which will be free. The purpose of this free consultation is to determine so we can discuss which of my services would be of greatest service to you and your family. After that, the service you choose will be provided once payment is received.

I’m committed to teaching at home full or part time, but with so many curriculum options, I’m not sure which curriculum to use. How do I choose?

Cathy Duffy’s 102 Top Picks review book is an excellent guide for getting started (don’t be intimidated by it’s size – it is incredibly user-friendly!).

You can also subscribe here for my quick-start guide and other FAQ and curriculum review videos.

If you want more personalized assistance, email me at we can set up a time to talk.

Curriculum Consultant / Designer…how about curriculum reviewer?

Absolutely! I’m compiling my first batch of review videos to post to YouTube now, and when it’s ready I’ll post the link here.

If you are a curriculum creator, email me a video of yourself introducing your product to me for me to view, and if I’m interested in reviewing it I’ll respond with info on where to send it.

Go ahead and email any other questions, and I’ll add the more popular ones here. Happy Browsing – and Happy Teaching!